We teach an active programme of diver grade and skill development training courses at the Club, ranging from introductory ‘try dives’ to BSAC Advanced Diver. You can progress from your first breath underwater to managing your own dive trip.

Try Dive

Fancy trying scuba diving and experiencing what its like to breathe underwater for the first time? Want to check it’s for you before committing to a full training course? Try it with us! During your Try Dive session, our instructors will talk you through all the basics one on one. You can experience what it feels like to breathe under water at your own pace, in the safety and comfort of the pool. It’s safe, exciting and great fun! Get in touch with us for current prices and to make further arrangements. Alternatively keep an eye out on our Club Calendar page for Try Dive Events we may organise from time to time.

Progress your Training

If you choose to continue learning after a Try Dive, you can join the club  (selecting Brighton BSAC online or by Membership Application Form) and also by joining the BSAC central club to begin your diving career with the Ocean Diver course. Once you pass you become a qualified Scuba Diver, but it doesn’t end here! You can continue building on your skills as you progress through the five BSAC levels of diving expertise. The Training Progression Chart at the end shows how you can continue your training with us. Follow the links below to find out more information about each course. Our instructors provide their training to Club members for free, so you’ll just need to pay for the course pack (normally £40) and the costs of equipment usage and expenses for your training. Follow the links below to find out about the dive levels….


Drysuit Training

Although most people can happily dive in a wetsuit during the summer, diving in a drysuit will keep you warmer and allow you to get more out of your UK diving. This course will teach you the correct and safe techniques for drysuit diving. It may be conducted over a series of Branch meetings or may be run as a specific one-day course.

Skill Development Courses

As part of the Club you have access to a range of skill development courses that our run by our team of  instructors according to member interest, as well as the full range of courses that are delivered by the BSAC regional coaching teams in their annual programme. These are designed to build your confidence and expand your skills. They include special interest courses such as Wreck Diving, Marine Life Appreciation, and Underwater Photography, seamanship courses such as Boat Handling and Chartwork, health and safety courses such as First Aid for Divers and Oxygen Administration, and technical diving courses to extend your diving range or learn CCR.

If you would like to contact us to discuss a Try Dive, Refresher, Drysuit Training, to Progress your Training qualifications, or have any questions, find us on:

Facebook: @BrightonDiving007 
We hope to see you soon!
Diver training progression chart